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" Happiness is everywhere,

near us, every day "



The first time I called on Hélène was for the birth of my first son.

I had already seen these photos with friends and I immediately fell in love with his  " color ". Without a shadow of hesitation, I therefore went to her when Gaspard was born in order to immortalize the first moments. I was a little apprehensive about this first session because I had never done this before and I didn't feel particularly comfortable being in front of the lens, afraid of having to pose, of feeling stupid and ugly… In short I was doing it in the hope of having pictures as good as my friends, but I was not very comfortable. From the first telephone conversations, I relaxed because I immediately felt that it was natural, spontaneous, sincere ... so these photos had to be everything  so much!  I have not been disappointed! During the session, contact was immediately made, she immediately knew how to put us at ease and the session took place naturally between laughter and emotions. The hour passed very quickly and we parted eagerly to discover his work. All the photos were beautiful because each  reflected the special warmth that surrounds the arrival of a baby in a home.  Even today when I look at the photos I manage to feel this feeling of such a cozy cocoon that we had made for our little one ... I manage to relive the discovery of this little piece, the pleasure we had to put it to the breast while admiring it blissfully, sometimes by cuddling it, sometimes to console itself, and also all the questions, fear and doubts that invade our heads when we become parents. Helen,  it's all that at the same time: it's the details that make you still feel the emotion, a nothing that makes so much, that makes all the difference: it's the eye of the heart! It captures the emotion when it spurts out and sometimes even: it embellishes it !! Since then,  I knew it wouldn't be our last photoshoot with her. 

Since the photo shoot that  we had made for the birth of Gaspard, I knew that for a next pregnancy it would be Hélène that we would choose ... when the time came, no doubt. But this time, the pregnancy did not go as calmly and lightly as for Gaspard. Nevertheless,  it was important to me to do this session precisely to mark the arrival of this baby with something beautiful and joyful. I wanted through this session to tell my baby that he was a source of joy and happiness with his brother in this difficult period, I wanted him to feel the love and this strong bond between us when he looks at these photos , and I also wanted to offer Gaspard, his dad and me a parenthesis in order to keep a light and happy memory of this pregnancy. I was so happy to have had this photo shoot gift with my friends: they knew how important it was to me. I was also very happy to see Hélène again after this time  already elapsed. I quickly explain the context to him and hop off we are still part between laughter and emotions. This session was really a pleasure ... it was so nice to be there together, the place ... I cannot thank her enough for what she gave us that day ... c 'was really the parenthesis we needed and the photos once again reflect the essential! I didn't mean to say that one day  but I find us so beautiful!  I cannot look at the photos without smiling: and knowing the period we are going through, it is all the more touching and it gave me a lot of hope and energy because we see the essential: our love and our complicity! I, who felt so fragile and vulnerable, looking at these photos I look beautiful and strong! It's crazy anyway! Helen  has once again been able to highlight the best of us: with these photos we understand that happiness is everywhere, near us, every day, in simple things, and that is priceless. .. These images are authentic, fair and beautiful and it is a treasure that she gave us once again that day. Thanks to her ..

After a stressful pregnancy, it was important to me to keep a positive memory of these nine months and of the arrival of our baby. The link having already been made with Hélène, this made things easier. We quickly got into the mood for the session and Hélène, as usual, found  the right tone to make this memory unforgettable. She has this gift, this special and rare talent to make the simplest things the most beautiful and to bring it to light! She is a real magician: she puts glitter in our lives even when there is apparently no opportunity, So when it comes to the most beautiful day of your life I do not even explain to you what 'she gets to do. She gave me the most beautiful gift with these two photoshoots: She helped me come back to  the main thing, And just to show us how beautiful the four of us were… thank you again for all of this, for those moments and memories.  

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