Hello, I'm Hélène.

Nice to be your photographer!



I am a lover of life and its colors. I'm always smiling, full of energy and talking too much. I love kisses, hugs, moments of tenderness and sweetness, nature, animals, sea spray, and dreaming under the trees. I really like to laugh, enjoy life, my loved ones. I love surprises.


Photography came into my life naturally, and my camera never leaves me. I love to immerse myself in the emotions of the pictures taken a few years ago. To savor, to enjoy.

I work on instinct. I photograph, with my heart, with my soul, what I see, what I feel.


Because the beauty of life is present everywhere, at all times, and it is only a matter of looking at things. I like to capture what is most beautiful in each of you, these little details that make each story unique, that each emotion is different: a smile, a look, an attention, a laugh, a tender gesture… So that you can take pleasure in discovering, telling and reliving these magnificent emotions, over the years and generations.

What really matters to me is to make this moment between us unforgettable. Because it is important to live fully, to laugh, to love, to enjoy it. I want you to leave with stars in your eyes, your heart filled with wonderful memories. To never forget the essential, to leave its mark, despite the passage of time. To remember beautiful things and share wonderful stories. For today, for tomorrow, forever.


Live, love, laugh ... and let me tell you your story, with my heart.


Photo credit : © Jessica Boussin

Helene Vauche Photographe-9218.jpg

Helen. I have known her for a very long time, I saw her begin, hang on, persevere, never give up, until reaching her goal: to be a professional.


I could see his enthusiasm, his thoroughness, his organization on a wedding. I was really surprised by his know-how, his know-how, his seriousness, even if I already knew it inside me. I know the time it spends and the application it puts in the task that its customers do not see, sorting and retouching photos, book layout ... hours and hours to be able to deliver the most beautiful of yourself, as long as you had the honor to entrust it.


You will wonder how I know all this about her, she who has photographed me for so long in even the simplest moments of my life. Yes, frankly, I am his mother, and I am really very proud of this bubbly young woman. So give her your dreams, she will turn them into reality.



Some numbers

Behind my creativity hides many hours of work, passionate and exciting. While waiting to immortalize your story, here is mine:


+350 life heritage created

99% of fully satisfied models

+300,000 photographs taken

8 years of experience

Continuous training every year with renowned colleagues

Travel in France and abroad


Bucket List

Des projets, j'en ai pleins !! Et certains, font ma fierté. Un honneur d'avoir croisé certains chemins et dont une petite partir de mon âme restera gravée dans les pages.... 

3D COLAS-1.jpg

Bucket List

Dreams, I have thousands in my head! They overflow from my mind. These dreams are lost everywhere ... in notebooks, on post it notes, scraps of paper, even sometimes on the walls! Those who know me know how much I love making lists. So I created my craziest wishlist, more or less simple, more or less accessible. Above all, if you recognize yourself in this list, contact me viiiiiiite! Hey psssst, I'm told in the headset that if you find yourself in one of these dreams, I have a little something for you… This list of dreams is not exhaustive, make me dream with your stories:  Come tell me about your project !!!


I still have dreams to realize !!!

Will you be my next dream?

~ Boudoir images in an exceptional place  

~ Couple boudoir images

~ Sports images at Ploemeur Skate Park

~ Portrait images with a snake

~ Images of a rider roaming free on the beach at sunset

~ Couple pictures in Santorini or Mallorca

~ Wedding images or a day after in Scotland, Ireland, Iceland

~ Pictures of a surprise wedding

~ Pictures of a divorce evening

~ Pictures of a wedding on the beach, in the snow

~ Equestrian images in the Camargue

~ Equestrian images for a large stud farm / Horse breeding

~ Pictures of a top athlete

~ Images of extreme sport

~ High mountain images

~ Portrait images in Groix

~ Nude pictures in Belle Ile on Donner beach

~ Pictures of childbirth

~ Pictures of an aurora borealis

~ Images of a profession that no longer exists

~ Create an XXL photo exhibition

~ Carry out a humanitarian mission at the end of the world

~ Carry out a photo immersion workshop