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A new look at yourself.

A smile, a caress, a burst of laughter... These are the things that make us live, that make us happy. For a moment for oneself, a moment as a couple, each moment of life reveals complicit, authentic, precious moments. To take advantage of you, of those who matter, to create a heritage to pass on to future generations, to remember beautiful things. Still. 

© Hélène Vauché Photographe
© Hélène Vauché Photographe
© Hélène Vauché Photographe
© Hélène Vauché Photographe


Vous portez en vous une histoire unique. Aux alentours du 7ème mois, et après la naissance de bébé (à 1, 3 ou 6 mois - peu importe son âge), créer du lien et des souvenirs n'a jamais été un besoin aussi fort. 

J'aime que les images soient pour vous comme une mélodie douce. Que chaque regard, chaque premiers instants de vie soient gravés dans votre cœur et dans vos images pour l'éternité. La magie des photos est de révéler ce lien si particulier que vous allez créer avec votre enfant.

Helene Vauche Photographe-1.jpg

"  Hélène perfectly embodied for us a quote that she loves "  Meetings in life are like the wind. Some graze you, others knock you down ”. Hélène, a hurricane of positive energy, good humor and smiles. You blew us away from our engagement session. It was a wonderful moment to live, a timeless gift, we forget everything and just live, a crazy experience. The pictures are amazing !! Fabulous sublimated moments, Hélène perfectly captured the beautiful emotions and magical moments of the day. With memories in our heads and in pictures, we are still on our wedding cloud, and Hélène was a major element in her success. We are very happy to know you, we are enriched by your meeting, a magnificent person and very talented photographer !! Lucky people who will cross your path! See you soon for other occasions we hope even out of photo!  "  Lucy

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