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As you are

The story of an extraordinary BODY POSI event!
Photo femme estime de soi Lorient Morbihan

10 women around the world are considered to be top models.

And 3 billion women don't look like them.




Body Posi or Body Positivism is a movement that encourages women to accept and love themselves as they are, and no longer conform to the standards dictated by society. Yes ladies, you are all beautiful ! As you are, with your smile, your love handles and other traces of the good life you lead. You don't have to be a model to be charming, right? And we proved it !! To learn to accept their body as it is, to have a beautiful self-esteem, to be beautiful and sensual, and many other beautiful personal reasons, they were 11 "ambassadors of beauty", 11 warriors, to have challenged their complexes, to have taken a photo shoot all together without knowing each other, Wednesday, May 29, 2019, near Lorient.

Photo femme estime de soi Lorient Morbihan
The history of the project


Launched with simplicity in early May, the project quickly took on a huge scale! Relayed by the press and local radio, nearly 200 women clicked on the famous " Register " button. And each for very good reasons, despite the challenge imposed, that of posing in lingerie between 10 strangers, and accepting the media coverage of the photos, of her body, of her image, whatever her story, her complexes. What a challenge, huh?


I also received many messages of encouragement, for this initiative, for my work, for these “beauty ambassadors” who participated, and for all women in general. It touched me deeply, moved me, and deeply overwhelmed me. I received your messages right in the chest, and my heart knocked very hard! My tears also flowed, the words were so powerful ... When asked "tell me about yourself", I received real life stories, poignant, obstacles and difficulties encountered, sometimes very intimate, and how each of you, in your own way, you have decided to conquer.


To be a photographer is to be able to go into the depths of people's privacy for the duration of a session. And before I even grabbed my camera in your hand, you've already given me the biggest obstacles of your life, and how you managed to overcome them. Ladies, you are extraordinary !!! And that's what I love about you so much, your way of seeing life, of fighting each day, of giving birth to a child, of teaching him things, of overcoming illness, accidents, separations, and all those painful shocks ... and keep laughing, smiling, dancing, and loving. To marvel at the simple things, the beauty of everyday life, the power of what you can do, your optimism, quite simply

It is in this, for me, THAT YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL !!

It's amazing what you bring me to experience. ,

Thank you all, thank you very much!

Helene Vauche Photographe-1-7
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-13
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-14
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-17
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-20
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-12
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-18
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-8
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-19
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-15
Helene Vauche Photographe-1-9



Fleur blanche

I just wanted to thank you.

Thank you for taking this photo session with these women. For women's freedom, accepting the body can be really difficult for some of us. To see these women assume their bodies, I am really grateful and I was very touched ... Thank you very much!



Photo femme estime de soi Lorient Morbihan



The festive evening took place on Friday 04 October 2019 at the Celtic terraces in Lorient. On the program of the evening, opening of the photographs and the life story of the ambassadors, sparkling parade without complex, wonderful words on an incredible story, participative animation on self-esteem, draw for the new session "Woman" and the first " Man "session, musical cocktail with musical entertainment, and dancing evening.


I would like to thank once again all the partners present at this evening for their precious help: Yohann Vauché, the master of ceremonies, Isabelle & Sabine of small dishes in large , Yoann & Pascal of the ice cream shop Yoann Bouvet , Charlotte and Julie de Bokidi , Alexandre Courjas for the photos and the smile box , Alexandra for the video , Guéna, BK nights and Barbara for Apisoi.

We are talking about it!

For them, for you, for others, let's talk about it! Let's very loudly believe that 11 beauty ambassadors, 11 women like you and me, dared to face their complexes to get rid of them better! Just to look beautiful.

Thanks to Elles!

My project would not have been possible without them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to these 3 extraordinary women, our "Logistics Team", for their support, their energy and their involvement in this project.

Portrait femme belle Lorient Morbihan
Artistic Director

Mom is present for everything in my life, so it was essential that she be there! A nurse by profession, Mum is THE perfect woman in my eyes, both in her spirit, her strength of character, and in her way of seeing life. She is my angel on this planet, the person who matters most to me, and embodies the image that I have of beauty to perfection.

Portrait femme belle Lorient Morbihan
Project manager

Jessica was one of my first photo models. Since then, we have never left each other, and she is now my Best Friend, as we all dream of having. I respect her for her courage and determination, for her energy, her humor and her kindness. She is an extraordinary woman, with an undeniably magical soul.

Portrait femme belle Lorient Morbihan

Sparkling young woman, we got to know each other professionally for image needs. Touched by this project, she brings us her help and her talent to make a video of the event. She is an incredibly gentle woman, full of tenderness, creativity and sympathy.

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