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Prepare your session well

"How do I dress? What am I taking?"  

"I'm not comfortable / not photogenic !!"


What ? What do you mean ? New to preparing photoshoots? You don't like to pose? Aren't you photogenic? Are you full of complexes? You are not a model?  Don't panic, it's NORMAL!  Taking a photoshoot and being in front of the camera isn't the easiest exercise, especially when self-confidence is involved. It is quite normal before a photoshoot to feel uncomfortable, not to be photogenic. And that's exactly what I'm used for! My role is to guide you throughout the session, all you have to do is enjoy, let go! So, you will find here the advice to prepare your experience as well as possible, whatever it is and thus to approach it serenely! My goal is for you to have an unforgettable time. Let's make sure to prepare it well !!

In summary :  

~ Define the atmosphere and theme of your session

~  Take care of yourself and take time for yourself

~  Dress

~  Specific advice

Le Guide de Séance


« Ce guide est mon coeur, pour vous aider à préparer au mieux votre séance photo.

Certaines personnes le lisent entièrement, d’autres le feuillettent. Peu importe, ce qui compte c’est d'avoir pris les infos dont vous avez besoin.»

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La liste des rêves

Serez vous mon prochain rêve à réaliser ?


Idées de lieux

Voici quelques idées de lieux pour votre séance

I look forward to meeting you !

There you are, now you know everything. I remain of course at your disposal if you have any questions concerning the preparation of your photo shoot!

I kiss you and see you very soon!