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Photo Sessions Information


A moment to recharge your batteries, to find yourself, a moment that makes sense, to share. An invitation to pleasure, to happiness, quite simply. The photo sessions are fully personalized, according to your personality, your desires, your wishes. The most important thing is to have a great experience, to feel on a small cloud, sharing a unique moment that you will remember forever!


And if you doubt it, here are 5 great reasons to crack!


Each photo session includes, whatever your choice:


- Preparing for your session

- The shooting

- Retouched and sublimated images

- Your private online gallery with free image download

- Your USB box of all HD photographs (for experiences & adventures)


Boudoir photo sessions can only be done in experience or adventure



An unforgettable experience...

First of all, I suggest that we discuss your desires and your need to carry out a photo shoot. During this exchange I will be able to share with you the philosophy behind my sessions and you will be able to understand all my work from A to Z! Because pressing the button is only the culmination of a preparation, that's all that hides behind: 

The accompaniment

We prepare together your session to be relaxed on D-Day!

The private gallery

Access your images online with a password and for free download

The shooting

Savor the present moment and take advantage of this unique moment... it's your moment!


Preserve your images with exceptional quality image media

The treatment

The images are reworked and sublimated, one by one, by hand 

The "by Hélène" service

... because it's more than just a photo report!


The accompanying guide


So that you can live a unique experience, and also to understand what are the essential stages of this adventure, I have created a guide that results from my 10 years of photography.  

This guide, a flood of advice, images & texts, aims to help you prepare yourself as well as possible for the session. When you start taking photos, you sometimes ask yourself a lot of questions and that's completely normal! What outfits to wear, what place to choose for the session, at what time of the day to do it, etc. This guide answers absolutely all of these questions, and more.


From 150€

And after our session?


Digital Gallery

2 weeks after our session, you will receive your gallery which contains your images, to download in high resolution & to use endlessly!

Print sets  

To keep track of your photos, experiences & adventures over time, include a box of prints containing the USB key as well as 10 images of the session on paper in 10x15cm format.

American case & Book album

To offer or to keep, an American box,  for experiences,  and a book album,  for adventures,  come with your box of prints so that you can keep this moment lived all your life.


Choosing a photographer must be a real favorite, love at first sight, obvious! Because being a photographer is not just "taking pictures", it is being a privileged person, a friend, sometimes a confidant, who will give the best of herself to accompany you throughout this experience with his look, his sensitivity. To restore a whole heritage of natural, authentic and spontaneous memories, which you will look at with so much emotion and happiness from many years past ... Yes, your photographer must match you, his work and his values ​​speak to you, and you have to feel comfortable with it.