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Vous êtes une oeuvre d'art

Because life is beautiful and the beauty of things is everywhere. Because our daily lives are filled with unforgettable days and the moments shared with the people we love are our greatest happiness. Because we all have a story to tell and wonderful moments to share ... I am here by your side to build these memories, for these important moments in your life, of emotions and happiness. Nothing matters more than this present moment. Live, love, laugh ... I will always be by your side!

My happiness is to immortalize yours! Discover the smile behind the lens.

Une photo de la photographe dans un champ de lavance dans le sud de la France


When people ask me which camera I use,

I simply answer them: my eyes!

The Body Posi event


10 women around the world are considered super model tops.

And 3 billion women don't look like them.

What they say ...


Hélène perfectly embodied for us a quote from Florence LR that she loves “Meetings in life are like the wind. Some just touch your skin, others knock you over ”Hélène, a hurricane of positive energy, good humor and smiles.

Lucile & Benoit


A crazy session, to say that when I knew you I never thought that the result of the photos on a baby could be so ... MAGIC! Always new, always more sublime ideas than each other. What talent !



Hélène has an incredible talent, an extraordinary generosity and sensitivity! She knows how to capture the beauty of events such as we do not live it, and even succeeds in embellishing it: she is a magician that I recommend at all times, of life and I do not intend to do without it !! Thanks to her, I am already looking forward to working with her again, because I will not hesitate to entrust her with the most beautiful moments of my life!


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Save our planet!
{Photographer concerned}

Our Earth is the most precious good we can have. I am convinced that if everyone contributes, we can all act for our future, and preserve the beauty of our nature. Every gesture counts, no matter how small, in his professional activity, in his everyday life. I am sensitive to life, to emotions, to people, but above all to our world that we allow to rot day after day ... We cannot hope for a better world without giving ourselves the means to act, without moving or changing our habits . If I can bring my energy into my images, I can also do it for my Planet. I have this desire to accomplish what seems to me to be fairer, more equitable, more respectful in my everyday life. Also, I implemented small simple and benevolent actions in my everyday life, and I made donations to associations that defend causes that are close to my heart. I believe with all my soul that together we can achieve great change. We exist because it exists. So let's protect it.