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Corporate Information


A photo has the power to present you well provided that it is visually attractive and of good quality. A flyer with beautiful photos will be much more likely to grab the attention of a potential customer and be consulted. Photos play a major role in people's feelings. Each person who looks at a photo interprets, imagines, dreams in his own way that it presents him. Go ahead, show them the dream Using the services of a photography professional is not an expense, but a winning investment for you and your business.

Each professional report includes, whatever your choice:

- Support and preparation   of your professional reporting

- The shooting

- Retouched and sublimated images

- Your private online gallery with download of High Definition images with assignment of rights

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From 150€

Enhance your report

Reports are ideal for a business, especially for:
strengthen team engagement 
enhance the skills and know-how of a company
promote professions to promote recruitment
reveal yourself to your customers 
value the Human 
  and many other reasons on one occasion!!!

They trust me !

So why not you ? Being a corporate photographer means being able to work with craftsmen, traders, VSEs, SMEs and even large international groups! The objective remains the same: to enhance your projects through your images. I have the honor of working with more than fifty companies & associations from all walks of life, and some with regular partnerships!

Because each professional report is unique, and because I want to offer you much more than a simple photo report, contact me , so that we can discuss together and build your project. See you soon !

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