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Life is good when it's real, not perfect


Each of us is unique. In a previous article ,  I explained  the importance and power of everyday photos,  life and its multitudes of small moments of happiness, pride, joy… And these are the moments which, I believe, are there to remind us how beautiful life is and that we must take advantage of it.  Except that there is. Often we don't love each other. We have complexes, we don't dare. So many excuses not to take the first step.  It's time to stop  to feel guilty and take a break to listen to yourself.  Take pictures to accept yourself, to have self-confidence. As we are. 

Letting go often holds great surprises



In this world where everything goes too fast, we sometimes have  need to find us .  " It's like going to the spa or the hairdresser ."  The importance of taking time for yourself and  take care of yourself , for many good reasons: give yourself a new start, regain self-confidence , assert yourself or simply savor a passage in life, make your projects a reality, give yourself the means to move forward.  And just like your hairdresser, barber, masseur or beautician, restaurateur ..., the know-how of a professional makes a real difference. Each of us, whatever our physique, our age, our values has  assets. The role of a photographer is to capture your personality and highlight it.  So no, no staging or too perfect images. I love life when it's real.  I just learn to know who you are, in order to offer you natural, authentic and spontaneous memories,   in motion, on the spot and in specially chosen pleasant places. A portrait of life, these are the photos that remain  that you will keep all your life,  and that you will enjoy re-emerging in several years!  

Self-confidence is contagious, and so is happiness  ! Once you gain that confidence in yourself, you want to feel that feeling over and over again. So you will wonder what made you feel this confidence. Maybe it was the clothes you were wearing, maybe it's because you felt strong like never before,  maybe this is the time you took  to meditate, to feel calm and centered after ...  It doesn't matter what made you feel that confidence, but keep doing it. Find this feeling by looking at your images again.  It's in the little things, the daily practice, that's where the confidence lies. This is where we find confidence and this is also how we keep it.

Success is loving yourself, loving what you do

and that's loving how you do it  


It is completely normal not to know how to pose, and it is up to me to guide you! If the first photos are rarely the most beautiful, the following ones can only be better!  Most people hate being photographed, run away from the lens, or experience real surprise with every pose. Why ? Quite simply because we are destabilized by looking at an image of ourselves that is not the one we are used to seeing in the mirror! This image that others have of us. We must accept no longer to control our own image, to no longer control our best profile, to become only what the photographer's gaze captures of us, to be able to let go, to surrender.  A difficult task for those who fear being prisoners of the gaze of the other, and therefore no longer belong to themselves. Being afraid of being judged.  

If you are complicated (and I assure you, everyone is), add to that the pressure of social networks, the selfie, and all the weight of  aesthetic standards that this society values and which it is impossible to resemble. I fight for this, and this is the workhorse  from my " As You Are " project . Real life doesn't look like a magazine cover. You are beautiful, beautiful, with your complexes, and that is precisely what I like to photograph! It is out of the question that I retouch, slim down or hide those marks from your stories that make you who you are! If what you see in the photo is not the truth, it will amplify your complexes and increase the fact that you don't look like this in real life.  

Without pretending to work miracles, the photo helps to accept you. You have to be able to make peace with your body, to love and accept it as it is , to be indulgent with your  picture. My role is to give you a real experience, to make you feel  sublime, and have nothing to envy anyone else.   

So, yes, a woman's curves are splendid. Yes, moms with marked bodies are beautiful. Yes, men with deep wrinkles are wonderful.  And it feels great to see that we can manage to get over it all and finally appreciate the image that we send back to a photograph!

I promise you will have a breathtaking experience.  

Are you ready to trust me?

Je vous promet de vivre une expérience à couper le souffle. 
Etes vous prêt à me faire confiance ?

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