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A new look at yourself.

A smile, a caress, a burst of laughter... These are the things that make us live, that make us happy. For a moment for oneself, a moment as a couple, each moment of life reveals complicit, authentic, precious moments. To take advantage of you, of those who matter, to create a heritage to pass on to future generations, to remember beautiful things. Still. 

A Boudoir Day is a day in honor of women . A true unforgettable experience, where femininity, sensuality and letting go reign.  So, for a day, we forget the stress of everyday life, this life that goes much too fast... We choose our favorite outfit and lingerie, we put on our best smile, sprinkled with a little courage and we're going to enjoy this sublime escape. Supported by all these other women who wonder what they came here to do, we free ourselves, we breathe, and we vibrate. We laugh above all, and we externalize!!!

My goal, that you come out of this day with a soul full of power. The complexes put aside to finally look at you  "As you are", remember, this project I did in 2019 . And this time it's you!  

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Why ?

Have you ever needed support? With a real breath of momentum and self-confidence. From a very private bubble, with the possibility of meeting women with the same background as you, benevolent, simple and authentic? Have you ever wanted to give yourself a day of well-being and relaxation? A break where all your senses are awakened? And get out of this bubble stronger than ever, ready to face everyday life, head and breasts high?!!!

I do, I like these days of meetings and exchanges where I come out " unstoppable ", as SIA puts it so nicely. So this day that I dreamed of, I decided to share it with you.  

An exceptional setting

The day takes place in a private environment, kept secret, entirely privatized for the event. 

Lingerie en dentelle rose

The day

🏯 A private location for the event

🥂 Catering on site

💄 Makeup workshop

💇‍♀️ Hairdresser workshop

😎 The presence of an exceptional woman (surprise!)

📸 30 minutes of private shooting 

📩 Delivery of images in 15 days 

🎞 10 retouched HD digital photos

📸 Emotion video 

🇬🇧 Service à la Hélène

  450€ / day 

Their opinions 


  Taking the time to lower your barriers, to dare to expose yourself, is not easy. However, as always with Hélène, everything seems simple. This way of making us feel comfortable, when it's not a simple situation, and these results where we are highlighted with our little flaws. What could be better then today than to learn to appreciate yourself. So yes why pay to have your picture taken in the simplest device? Why not take advantage of a family session instead? Maybe because you also have to think about yourself from time to time. Maybe you have to be a little selfish. Do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed.


The team (100%  female!)

Estime de soi Femme Photo Lorient Belle



Estime de soi Femme Photo Lorient Belle



Estime de soi Femme Photo Lorient Belle


makeup artist

Estime de soi Femme Photo Lorient Belle

Sabine & Isabelle


It's gone!



Next date to come! - from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

6 places available / 7

🎉 Thank you to the wonderful women who have already booked their day 💕

You are super !

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